Skyline Ventures

Our Team
John G. Freund, MD
Eric M. Gordon, PhD
Stephen J. Hoffman, MD PhD
Yasunori Kaneko, MD

ur investment professionals have complementary skills and backgrounds. All have M.D. or Ph.D. degrees, several have business degrees, and all have senior operating experience in successful venture-backed startups in the sectors that Skyline covers. We use our expertise to help evaluate technologies and drugs directly, and also to filter and synthesize reports that outside consultants, diligence sources or expert Limited Partners perform for us.

Skyline's culture emphasizes working together as a team to an unusual degree, whether in evaluating investments before we make them or in working with our companies after we become involved. A member of our team always joins the board of a portfolio company. However, we de-emphasize whose "deal" a particular company represents. When we invest, you don't get one of our partners as your board member-you get our whole firm, and any resource we can access that may help you.

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