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kyline Ventures, formed in 1997, is a nationally-known venture capital firm that specializes in investing in outstanding product-focused healthcare companies. Our areas of expertise include small molecule and protein therapeutics; medical devices; diagnostics; and technologies that facilitate drug discovery and life science research.

We all have MD or PhD degrees, and hands-on operating experience in various start-up healthcare companies that later went public. As a result, we are known for the value we offer our companies, as board members and shareholders. We are also known for being fundamental, extremely patient investors.

The days when momentum investing drove the public biotechnology markets are long gone, and we are glad that they are. The public markets demand data, not dreams. As a result, it is data that drives our decision process. In considering a new investment, we focus on whether there is adequate proof of principle to believe that the company's products will work.

In therapeutics, for example, we look closely at whether the biochemistry, animal models and any human data make it more probable than average that the product will eventually prove to have an important therapeutic benefit. The size of the potential market and the quality of the management or founding team are critical in our evaluation as well.

We are value and return driven, more than driven by the stage of the investment. Most often we lead or co-lead a company's first or second institutional venture round, but have previously helped found companies and invested in PIPEs and leveraged buyouts.

In October 2007, we completed raising Skyline V, which has $350 million in committed capital. We have approximately $800 million under management. We target investments of $15-35 million per portfolio company over the life of the company.
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